Jonsered CS2139T
14" Ulticore Arborist saw.  39cc engine with turbo air cleaning. Top handle design for one hand use tree trimming applications. Rugged Professional quality designed to last.

Jonsered CS2250S
50cc Clean Power engine with 18" bar is a great choice for all around firewood cutting.

Jonsered CS2253
50.1cc Clean Power engine with Carb Control.  Built on the Ulticor chassis this saw is designed for the Pro's
18" bar $619.95
Jonsered CS2255
56cc Clean Power engine with Turbo air cleaning.  Available in 18 or 20 inch bar.  This saw offers higher horsepower for a reasonable price.
18" $389.95
20" $399.95
CS2258 Ulticore
59.8cc Clean power engine with Carb Control.  This saw is a powerfull choice for serious fire wood cutting or timber industry pros. 18" Bar

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Jonsered CS2236T
Lightweight, well balanced top handle  Chainsaw.  Great for arborist and landscapers to trim or prune trees.
14" bar $359.95

Jonsered CS2238
A home owner saw for firewood pruning and felling small trees.
14" bar $189.95
16" bar $209.95
Jonsered CS2240
Light weight all around chainsaw for firewood and felling. 
16" bar $299.95
Jonsered CS2245
All around chainsaw for firewood and felling.  Easy to use and maintain.

70.7 cc Clean power engine on the ulticore chassis.  Built for timber industry pros.
20" Bar $799.95